Partner: Ednium, The Alumni Collective
Emphasis: Involving student and alumni as data experts
Ednium, the Alumni Collective, was developed in 2019 in response to the persistent and pervasive exclusion of the diverse perspectives of Denver School District’s alumni whose experiences were directly impacted by the District’s policies and programs. Ednium offers three relevant platforms that can make significant contributions to DJEC’s role as a data resource: a) Leadership Launchpad, b) Design and Data Lab, and c) Advocacy Accelerator.

The Leadership Launchpad offers a cohort of DPS alumni a structured 6-month program to support and empower one another as they expand their knowledge of a range of skills, including understanding community assets and experiences, knowledge of local and state policy making and advocacy.

Ednium’s Design and Data Lab invites recent graduates to rethink education based upon their own experiences and expert perspectives as former students. Through the Lab approach, alumni can become a resource to DJEC to reconceptualize the types of questions in public education in the Denver region that should be asked and answered in service to the broader community.

The Advocacy Accelerator builds upon alumni experiences by providing an opportunity for them to further define their efforts to improve public schooling, build support, and begin implementation of education-based projects that are informed by data and their own experiences.

As a DJEC Research partner, Ednium will ensure that recent alumni of color are engaged in identifying, conceptualizing, and reporting relevant data to inform the broad and diverse community of families, students, policy makers, and other stakeholders for whom school data can lead to better social outcomes in the region.

Partner: Denver Metro Community Impact
Emphasis: Involving at-large community voice in conceptualizing and reporting data
Denver Metro Community Impact is a local, community-based organization that elevates the voices of diverse residents in the metro Denver region, particularly those who are systemically marginalized or oppressed in key areas of housing, education, employment, and city development. The work of DMCI is to facilitate collective action that is informed by residents, prioritizing the importance of meeting the needs of families in the area.

As a DJEC Research partner, DMCI will support the involvement of a broad range of community members in determining, collecting, analyzing, and reporting education data in accessible, reliable ways.

Partner: CU Denver School of Education and Human Development
Emphasis: Integration of professional and student researchers
The School of Education and Human Development at University of Colorado Denver is a “statewide and national leader for educational quality, access and equity across the education lifespan, birth through higher education” ( Given the School’s focus on preparing leaders in education through the Leadership for Educational Equity doctoral program (EdD), the research capacity of DJEC can be expanded. In particular, a formal partnership can result in high quality research supported students and university faculty working together to ensure valid and reliable data collection and analysis.